New access control system

With the growing requirement for restricted access into commercial properties The Lock & Alarm Centre Ltd has been looking for a solution that will fit the needs of our customers and it appears that we have found that product.

The latest access control system to be released into the New Zealand market after  much success in Australia is LOKtouch™ E-Cylinders and Keys. The product is designed so that NO wires are required to operate this system and that NO power is need at the actual lock. The LOKtouch™ System provided full access control features in the Key and it is this key that then generates power into the cylinder when access is required. The unique design of this product allows for full access control to products like Padlock , cabinet locks and just about all your standard cylinders without the need to replace locks or run wires Recommended Reading. For more information check out the LOKtouch™ section in the access control tab on our website.